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Perception is strong. Sight is weak. Myamoto Musashi.

The primary design ethic of D42 Des?Gn Studio is to produce work which aids its clients or designed objects & materials to
  -function according to, and when necessary seek out, their intended purpose
  -maintain a dynamic balance in doing so, in both a beautiful and practical way.

The result is the creation and communication of an image which is strong, clear, and timeless, and presented in media suited to the design’s optimum performance, with close attention to detail and production execution.

. . . Exercise 27: All forms are created to feed the sun. . .

Current Clients:


maison Living - print design, PR, advertising
Capitol File Magazine - writing / editorial, luxury retail
DC Modern Luxury - advertising design, writing / editorial, luxury retail
Wren and Divine - web design
Betsy Fisher - print design
Anderson House / Cinncinatus Society - PR, Media
Hillwood Museum & Gardens - Events

· Creative Media Direction & Consulting

· Photography
· Catography
· Technical Illustration
· Statistical Graphics
· Analytical Design

· Identity Portfolios
· Business Collateral Portfolios
· Advertising & Promotional Packages
· Electronic Media Marketing
· Packaging & Signage Design
· Tradeshow, Showroom, & Window Display Design
· DVD, VHS, CD, CD-ROM Package Design

· Complete Web Site
· Information Structure & User Interface Design
· Web Templates & Web Page Design Elements
· Splash Screens & Web Illustration
· Web Site Re-design
· PDF & E-Publishing
· DVD, CD-ROM & Multimedia Production

· Fine Art, Photography, & Digital Consulting
· Object & Image Archive Organization
· Object & Image Archive Design & Implementation
· Image Scanning, Editing & Retouching
· Photo & Image Sheets
· Book Layout & Presentation
· Artwork Purchase & Placement
· Exhibition & Interior Design

· LP, CD, DVD, Book & Magazine Cover Design
· Typography & Print Layout
· Illustration & Original Artwork
· Artist Promotional Materials & Production
· Personal Identity & Presentations, Private Events
· Consulting & Advice for Individual Clients

· Editorial Services
· Copywriting & Body Copy
· Advertising Copy & Slogans
· Research & Fact-checking
· Proofreading & Editing

The Studio offers a small selection of specialty services involving or integrating a higher-end artistic or technological innovation, visual research, and insight into visual perception and human interaction, for those willing to truly push the boundaries in a genuinely new and unique direction. A sample list of concepts is available at the sole discretion of the Creative Director and may be obtained by contacting the e-mail address listed below. Serious inquiries only: no curiosities will be satisfied. Please include brief information regarding your company, product, service, or project.

D42 Des?Gn Studio Web Design & Development Services Recommended Host Choices:

̭ (mt) Media Temple
̭ Biz.Fu

D42 Des?Gn Studio Recommended Specialty / Boutique Printer Choices:

̭ Interrobang!?
̭ Manifesto Press
̭ Star Shaped Press

At D42 Des?Gn Studio we listen to our clients, their needs, preferences and expectations, and endeavour to provide them with design which is satisfactory both personally and strategically, taking into consideration their goals, environment, and context. We do not produce design which competes with that of already existing companies and brands--rather we strive to bring out and fortify that which is unique, highly individual, and most functional about each project and each client.

Selected Clients:

· NTSB, an independent US Federal Agency
· DTI, Inc. / US Military
· Hollis-Leland Design, LLC, US
· Boing! Boing! Design, Inc., US
· Invoke Systems, Inc., US
· The Alpha Group, US
· iDAS, Ltd., UK

· Capitol File, US
· DC Modern Luxury, US
· InSight Opticians, US
· Blink Optical, US
· Cafe Japone Sushi Bar & Japone Restaurant, US
· Teaism Teahouse, US
· Marriott Hotels, US

· Australian Consulate, US
· Smithsonian Institution, US
· Studio Theater, Washington, DC, US
· Washington, DC Ballet Company, US
· DC Choral Society, Kennedy Center, US

· Raster-Noton Art Group / Music Label, DE
· MEGO Art Group / Music Label, AT
· Wavetrap Music Label, UK / SE
· SouRce Research Recordings, UK
· Threshold House, UK
· Phonometrography, UK
· Small Voices, IT
· Die Stadt, DE
· Important Record, US
· Freibank, DE
· Invisible Records, US
· Gallery 2000, US
· Gallery K, US

Broadcast / Motion Graphics Samples:

̭ Animation 01: forthcoming
̭ Animation 02: forthcoming

American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA · open
Art Directors Club, NYC · open
Art Directors & Artists Club, Sacramento · open
Communication Arts · open
Design Museum, London, UK · open
International Council of Graphic Design Associations, ICOGRADA · open
Design Addict · open

Japanese Art & Luxury Paper · open
Mohawk Digital Papers · open
Color Marketing Group · open
Pantone Color Group · open
Color Com Group · open

Takatsuka Architects, Japan : Tea Ceremony Rooms, Sukiya, and Japanese Houses · open
Namikawa Heibei Co., Ltd. · open
Shoyeido, Traditional Japanese Incense · open
The Japanese Zen Garden · open
Baieido Incense, est.1657 · open
The Shambhala Zen Art Gallery · open

Colin Winterbottom : Fantastic Washington DC B&W / Noir Photographie · open
La Belle Epoque : Poster History & Design · open
Bright Night : Illuminated Umbrella · open
The Design Connection Boutique· open
Italian Posters 1895-1940 · open
Critical Art Ensemble · open
Ars Libri, Ltd. · open
iDeco Fans · open
Martini · open
Octavo · open
Voss · open

A List Apart · open
You Work For Them · open
Design Graphik· open

Edward Tufte · open
Brendan Dawes · open
Marc Atlan · open
Jeremy Otis · open
Tobie Giddio · open
La Chanson Dada · open

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Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)
Written by Tom Vanderbilt


Would you be surprised that road rage can be good for society? Or that most crashes happen on sunny, dry days? That our minds can trick us into thinking the next lane is moving faster? Or that you can gauge a nation’s driving behavior by its levels of corruption? These are only a few of the remarkable dynamics that Tom Vanderbilt explores in this fascinating tour through the mysteries of the road.

Based on exhaustive research and interviews with driving experts and traffic officials around the globe, Traffic gets under the hood of the everyday activity of driving to uncover the surprisingly complex web of physical, psychological, and technical factors that explain how traffic works, why we drive the way we do, and what our driving says about us. Vanderbilt examines the perceptual limits and cognitive underpinnings that make us worse drivers than we think we are. He demonstrates why plans to protect pedestrians from cars often lead to more accidents. He shows how roundabouts, which can feel dangerous and chaotic, actually make roads safer—and reduce traffic in the bargain. He uncovers who is more likely to honk at whom, and why. He explains why traffic jams form, outlines the unintended consequences of our quest for safety, and even identifies the most common mistake drivers make in parking lots.

The car has long been a central part of American life; whether we see it as a symbol of freedom or a symptom of sprawl, we define ourselves by what and how we drive. As Vanderbilt shows, driving is a provocatively revealing prism for examining how our minds work and the ways in which we interact with one another. Ultimately, Traffic is about more than driving: it’s about human nature. This book will change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. And who knows? It may even make us better drivers.


Tom Vanderbilt writes on design, technology, science, and culture, among other subjects, for many publications, including Wired, Slate, The London Review of Books, Gourmet, The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Vogue, Artforum, The Wilson Quarterly, Travel and Leisure, Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, Cabinet, Metropolis, and Popular Science. He is contributing editor to the design magazines I.D. and Print, and contributing writer of the popular blog Design Observer.

His most recent book is Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us), published by Alfred A. Knopf in the U.S., Penguin in the U.K. and territories, and a number of other publishers in other countries. He is also the author of two previous books: Survival City: Adventures Among the Ruins of Atomic America (Princeton Architectural Press, 2002), an offbeat architectural travelogue of the nation’s secret Cold War past; and The Sneaker Book (The New Press, 1998), a cultural history of the athletic shoe (republished in Italian and Swedish editions). His early writings for The Baffler have been collected in two anthologies, Commodify Your Dissent and Boob Jubilee (W.W. Norton, eds. Thomas Frank and Matthew Weiland), and he has also contributed essays to a number of books, including New York Stories: The Best of the City Section of the New York Times (New York University Press); Supercade: The Visual History of the Video Game Age (The MIT Press), Else/Where: Mapping (The University of Minnesota Press, 2006), Quonset Hut: Metal Living for a Modern Age (Princeton Architectural Press, 2005), and The World and the Wild (The University of Arizona Press).

He has given lectures at colleges and business conferences, and has appeared on a wide variety of radio and television programs around the world, ranging from NPR’s Morning Edition to The Studs Terkel Show to CNN’s Business Today, among others. : Traffic, The Book

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Pronunciation: \ˈȯr-ə-ˌtənd, ˈär-\
Etymology: modification of Latin ore rotundo, literally, with round mouth
Date: circa 1799

marked by fullness, strength, and clarity of sound : sonorous
pompous, bombastic


Pronunciation: \ə-ˈtri-shən, a-\
Etymology: Latin attrition-, attritio, from atterere to rub against, from ad- + terere to rub — more at throw
Date: 14th century

[Middle English attricioun, from Medieval Latin attrition-, attritio, from Latin] : sorrow for one's sins that arises from a motive other than that of the love of God
the act of rubbing together : friction; also : the act of wearing or grinding down by friction
the act of weakening or exhausting by constant harassment, abuse, or attack
a reduction in numbers usually as a result of resignation, retirement, or death

Percier, Charles, 1764-1838. Fontaine, Pierre François Léonard, 1762-1853.

Recueil de décorations intérieures comprenant tout ce qui a rapport a l'ameublement, comme vases, trépieds, candelabres, cassolettes, lustres, girandoles, lampes, chandeliers, cheminées, feux, poêles, pendules, tables, secrétaires, lits, canapés, fauteuils, chaises, tabourets, miroirs, ecrans, &c., &c., &c. composés par C. Percier et P.F.L. Fontaine. Exécutés sur leurs dessins.(1801)

Current blogs:

Design Observer

The bill for D42 Des?Gn Studio's 27th birthday party. Pretty serious, indeed.

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Many Happy Returns
A Celebration of Industrial Music in the 21st Century

Featuring a Live Performance by
Throbbing Gristle
Chris Carter, Peter Christopherson, Genesis P-Orridge, and Cosey Fanni Tutti
and many more Industrial Attractions...including special performances by
Coil, Carter Tutti & Thee majesty
Matmos, Scanner, Pansonic, Richard H. Kirk, Merzbow, Black Dice, Mego Records, F.M. Einheit, Thighpaulsandra, & many others to be announced shortly
Rare Filmworks from The Derek Jarman Archive
Site Specific Sound Installations and 24 Hour In-House TV Programming
by Throbbing Gristle
Site Specific Artworks by Jake & Dinos Chapman


My 3oth birthday gone better than it ever could.. lovelier, and more real than ever.

On 16 May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy became the sixth person elected President of the French Fifth Republic. What next?

AH-64A/D Apache Attack Helicopter, USA - new Contract Awarded May 14-16 2009. That's what.